Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers Help Calgary Employees with Top-Rated Employment Law Services

Osuji & Smith EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS Help Calgary Employees with Top-Rated Employment Law Services

Osuji & Smith, an award-winning full service Calgary law firm founded in 1980, was voted as one of the top employment, business, civil litigation, estate planning, and divorce law firms in Calgary. It is also the proud recipient of the 2021 Top Choice Awards in Calgary among several awards and recognitions. The team of dedicated employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith is dedicated to protecting the labour and employment rights of Calgary employees.


In Alberta, employment is governed by workplace and government rules and regulations. These can be complicated because of the diversity of Alberta’s workforce and the variations of employment agreements, roles, and responsibilities.

Through their results-driven service, Osuji & Smith’s approachable employment lawyers help Calgary employees maintain a healthy relationship with their employers. The top priority is to ensure employees have all the information they need to make informed decisions.

Osuji & Smith employment lawyers provide services like:

  • Reviewing employment agreements, contracts, and policies;
  • Disability, employment insurance, human rights & discrimination, and sexual harassment claims;
  • Employment immigration, including labour market opinions (LMOs) and temporary foreign worker permits; and
  • Employment litigation.

Osuji and Smith Employment Lawyers Help Calgary Employees with Top-Rated Employment Law Services


Provincial legislation is in place to maintain employment standards for hard-working Calgary employees. These standards apply to things like:

  • Hours of work;
  • Severance;
  • Sick days;
  • Vacation pay;
  • Statutory holidays; and
  • Minimum wages.

The EMPLOYMENT LAWYERS at Osuji & Smith help employees who want to challenge neglectful employers.


For employees facing termination, the employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith offer compassionate listening ears. They present options and a recommended plan to move forward, and can have conversations with your employer to negotiate terms. If necessary, they will file a claim for you.

Especially in an employment termination situation, cost is important, and Osuji & Smith is conscious of that.

Termination of employment issues they can help with include:

  • Severance package reviews;
  • Executive compensation and termination issues; and
  • Employee rights to pension and fringe benefits upon termination.


Alberta employers have the right to terminate an employee with or without cause. However, in every termination, regardless of the situation, the employer has a duty to act in good faith at the time of and after the dismissal.

It can be confusing and difficult to determine if a termination was in bad faith. Osuji & Smith employment lawyers can help Calgary employees understand the law and take appropriate action.


It is a breach of employment law to fire an employee without any legal reason. Unfortunately, this is very common, especially in the current COVID-19 landscape. Even when businesses are forced to downsize or simply cannot sustain their full staff, there is clear legislation to protect the rights of Calgary employees.

Wrongful dismissal, also called wrongful termination, might have occurred if:

  • An employee is fired based on false allegations;
  • An employee is not given reasonable notice or the employer fails to pay the full amount the employee has a right to upon termination of their employment (such as severance, notice period pay, vacation pay, or final pay); or
  • The terms of the employment contract were changed without the employee’s agreement.

The employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith can review your case to determine if you were wrongfully dismissed. They will make sure you know your rights including the pay you should receive.


If an employee is forced to quit their job because of a toxic, hostile, or unsafe work environment, or because their employer unilaterally changes the terms and conditions of the employment contract, it might be a case of constructive dismissal.

Constructive dismissal cases can be complicated. Osuji & Smith’s employment lawyers recommend that employees not quit their job before consulting an employment lawyer. But if you’ve already quit, they can determine if you have a case for constructive dismissal and help you fulfill the legal requirements.


Workplace harassment is reported by an average of 37% of Canada’s workforce. It can have far-reaching effects including physical, mental, and financial health. Fortunately, Alberta has implemented strict anti-bullying employment legislation.

The law requires evidence of workplace harassment. For employees who are victims of workplace bullying, it’s imperative to consult an employment lawyer before taking action to ensure that you meet the legal requirements of a workplace harassment claim. Osuji & Smith employment lawyers can help.


Alberta employers have a duty to protect and accommodate the right to equal treatment of persons. This applies to every stage of the employment process, from job application and recruitment to training, transfers, promotions, dismissals, layoffs, and termination.

Employees commonly encounter human rights issues when they resign or retire, when they’re terminated, or when the company restructures and lays off employees. Even when it’s appropriate for the employment relationship to end, the employer must ensure fair treatment and avoid discriminatory practices.

Osuji & Smith’s team of employment lawyers can help employees with human rights complaints.


Alberta union employees have a right to fair representation. For employees who feel poorly represented by their union regarding complaints against their employer, the dedicated employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith provide expertise and support. They can help union employees effectively communicate their concerns and ensure that their employer addresses the complaint.


Welcoming a new addition to your family should be a happy time, but if you lose your job during maternity or parental leave, it becomes a time of stress and uncertainty.

Fortunately, Alberta employment law protects employees on maternity or parental leave.

The employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith are passionate about this issue.

“We believe that the health of our city relies on the health of our families. This is why we will ruthlessly fight to help you receive all the benefits surrounding your maternity or parental leave.”

Your employment lawyer can assess if your termination was legal and, if not, they can ensure your rights are accommodated.


Alberta employers legally required support employees during sick leave or disability. Some employers deny their obligation or even dismiss a sick or disabled employee on the grounds of a “frustrated” employment contract.

Calgary’s top-rated employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith are accustomed to battling cases like these. They can help employees challenge their employers and fight for the entitlements they deserve.


Wrongful accusations and rumours have the power to end a career and destroy a person’s reputation. That’s why employers have a legal obligation to investigate all workplace allegations.

Calgary employees who are falsely accused or who have been fired because of workplace allegations that were not properly investigated or disciplined can get help from Osuji & Smith’s employment lawyers. They will see to it that the employee’s reputation is restored and pursue any financial losses caused by the termination.


Charles Osuji is the Managing Partner and CEO of Osuji & Smith. He has appeared at all levels of Court in Alberta and has gained valuable experience representing a wide range of clients.

Says one satisfied client, “Charles is extremely clear with his advice. Every time he takes on a case, he gives a part of himself and his heart. He is honest and works very hard to add value to his clients’ lives.”

Awarded as one of the top 25 most influential lawyers in Canada along with an impressive list of other awards and recognitions, Calgary employees are in good hands with Charles Osuji and his team of employment lawyers at Osuji & Smith.

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