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Your Calgary Employment Lawyers: Osuji & Smith


The legal framework governing employment relationships in Calgary Alberta is both complex and critical for the fair treatment of employees and the compliance of employers. Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers stand out as a beacon of legal expertise in this intricate field, offering a comprehensive suite of services to navigate the multifaceted world of employment law in Calgary Alberta. For over four decades, Osuji & Smith Lawyers have stood as a pillar of legal expertise in Calgary. Their longevity in the field is a testament to the trust and confidence their clients place in their capabilities. The firm’s approach is deeply rooted in a profound understanding of the law, coupled with the agility to apply it uniquely to each case’s circumstances.

Employment Law in Calgary Alberta

Employment law in Calgary Alberta encompasses a broad spectrum of issues, from workplace harassment and unfair dismissal to wage disputes and employment contracts. These laws are designed to foster a fair and safe working environment in Alberta for all parties involved. Given the ever-changing nature of these employment laws, staying informed and compliant is a task best handled by our employment law professionals in Calgary Alberta.

EMPLOYMENT LAW SERVICES Offered by Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Osuji & Smith Lawyers provide a range of employment law services in Calgary, Alberta:

  • Legal Representation: They advocate for clients in legal proceedings, including negotiations, mediation, and court cases.
  • Legal Advice: The firm offers expert counsel on various aspects of employment law, ensuring clients understand their rights and responsibilities.
  • Contract Review: Before signing any employment contract, their lawyers can review the terms to ensure fairness and legality.
  • Dispute Resolution: They aid in resolving conflicts related to wages, benefits, discrimination, and more.
Your Calgary Employment Lawyers Osuji & Smith Lawyers
Your Calgary Employment Lawyers Osuji & Smith Lawyers

Choosing the Right Employment Lawyer in Calgary Alberta

Selecting an employment lawyer is a critical decision. Factors to consider include:

  • Experience and Specialization: Lawyers with a track record in cases similar to yours are preferable.
  • Communication: Clear and understandable explanations of legal issues are essential.
  • Reputation: Positive reviews and recommendations are indicative of a lawyer’s standing.
  • Fees: It’s important to find a fee structure that fits your budget.

The Role of Employment Lawyers in Protecting Your Rights in Calgary Alberta

In Calgary’s vibrant labor market, employment lawyers are not just legal aids; they are advocates who understand the unique employment environment and are committed to protecting your best interests. Whether you are dealing with wrongful termination, workplace harassment, or ensuring compliance with labor laws, Osuji & Smith Lawyers are equipped to provide the necessary counsel, representation, and peace of mind.

Areas of Employment Law

Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers specialize in:

  • Employment Contracts: Negotiating and drafting to ensure fair and legal agreements.
  • Termination of Employment: Advising on issues related to dismissals and severance.
  • Workplace Issues: Handling harassment and discrimination complaints.
  • Policy Implementation – Assistance with Company Policies: Assisting with the creation and enforcement of company policies.
  • Negotiation and Drafting of Employment Contracts: They ensure that the terms of employment are fair and legally sound.
  • Advising on Employee Benefits and Leave Entitlements: They help clarify the rights and benefits due to employees.


If you have been terminated, you may be entitled to severance pay in Alberta. Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers can review your situation and help negotiate fair compensation, ensuring that your rights are upheld according to Alberta’s laws. Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers address issues related to severance pay, helping employees understand their entitlements and assisting in negotiations with employers. They emphasize the importance of legal guidance in such matters, especially given the variations in laws from province to province.

For those in Calgary or in Alberta facing employment law challenges, Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers offer the expertise and support necessary to navigate these issues effectively. Their commitment to legal excellence makes them a premier choice for anyone seeking guidance in employment law matters.

If you require assistance or have questions about employment law, consider reaching out to Osuji & Smith Employment Lawyers for a consultation to protect your rights and ensure legal compliance.