Calgary Lawyers In The Media and Featured Interviews

Calgary Lawyers In The Media and Featured Interviews

JUSTICE IN PIECES Guest Speaker Series: Charles Osuji

Speaking with Charles Osuji about his practice, and the tremendous amount of success he has accomplished in his career on Justice in Pieces

Upholding greater diversity in the legal profession- Charles Osuji of Osuji and Smith Lawyers

Osuji shares his story of immigration, representation, and success

Charles Osuji, one of Lexpert’s Rising Stars in 2021, embodies the diversity of the legal profession in Canada. The Nigerian-born lawyer joined the firm in 2013 as an articling student, was called to the Alberta bar in 2014, and became a partner in 2016. Osuji took on a lead role at the firm when his former principal James Smith was looking for a successor as he was about to retire. This opened a path for the young lawyer to become the firm’s sole owner in 2017.

LUCY JEFFREY B.ED had a great conversation on Entrepreneur TV powered by Rogers TV with Charles Osuji the CEO and Managing Partner of Osuji & Smith Lawyers in Calgary, Alberta.

Balancing legal practice with managing a FAST-GROWING LAW FIRM IN CALGARY

Charles Osuji is the Managing Partner and CEO of Osuji & Smith Lawyers. He is one of the leading young lawyers in Canada. He has been chosen as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Lawyers in Canada, the Entrepreneur of the Year by Diversity Magazine, the 2020 Immigrant of Distinction (Achievement Under 35) Award by Immigrant Services Calgary, and repeatedly voted as one of the top 3 Employment and Business lawyers in Calgary by ThreeBestRated, among other awards and recognitions.

Charles joined ITL Voices to share his story and the demands of balancing legal practice with managing a fast-growing law firm.

Discipline of Focus - Charles Osuji Journey to Becoming Canada's Top 25 Most Influential Lawyer

LISTEN UP! 🎙️ Our partner, Charles Osuji, recently shared his journey to becoming Canada’s Top 25 Influential Lawyers in a League of Icons podcast with Sam Shaibu. If you are looking for some inspiration to keep working hard to achieve your goals, TUNE IN! 👉

Faisal Karmali talks to managing partner and owner of Osuji and Smith Lawyers, Charles Osuji, and lawyer at Osuji and Smith Lawyers, Amanda Ovaici about what business owners need to know during this complicated time.

Do You Know the Laws Behind Layoffs and Rehiring?

In this podcast, Jean Darius of KPI Staffing and Charles Osuji of Osuji & Smith Lawyers discuss Employment Law, Covid-19, and resources for those seeking legal advice during these challenging times.

Faisal Karmali from Entrepreneur Growth Community interviewed Amanda Ovaici and Charles Osuji of Osuji & Smith Lawyers to talk about all things business-related when it comes to Covid-19.
Charles & Amanda with the Osuji & Smith team enjoyed a great conversation with Faisal regarding the legal issues governing the upcoming vaccine & the types of policies & procedures Calgary business owners should implement to ensure a safe work environment.

Charles Osuji is the Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer of Osuji & Smith, a multiple award-winning Calgary full-service law firm with a focus on Employment Law, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, and other services.

The Dami Adeniyi Show


Lawyer Charles Osuji shared his view on diversity, racism, entrepreneurship and, of course, his recognitions on Doug Dirks’ popular “Homestretch” CBC Radio show. Link below 👇🏾.

Charles Osuji | The Homestretch with Doug Dirks, Jenny Howe | Live Radio | CBC Listen

From Grass to Grace in Canada with Calgary Lawyer Charles Osuji

Interview by Bukky Wonda

Charles Osuji sits down with Franklin of Diversity Magazine to discuss how Osuji & Smith has embraced diversity in the workplace
Our very own Charles Osuji was the proud winner of the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award by AC (Afro Canadian) Awards

Charles Osuji & James Smith Podcast by Alberta Real Estate Association

Alberta Real Estate Association (AREA) Podcasts for September 2018. AREA recently featured Charles Osuji and Jim Smith on its monthly podcast. This time, they talked about when Realtorsmortgage brokers (or anyone) should incorporate and the benefits of incorporation.

Charles Osuji was interviewed by Jonathan Hafichuk

The Ambition Project- Episode 8. January 8, 2019. Immigrant to Partner by 31 is the title of the interview where Charles Osuji talked about his journey from an immigrant to a successful entrepreneur.” For more details about this interview from The Ambition Project …

Charles Osuji was interviewed by Phina Brooks

Afro-X TV Show on OMNI TV. November 2, 2018. Phina Brooks chats with Charles Osuji on the popular Afro X TV Show about his growing up in Nigeria, law career, professional life in the diaspora, family and more. Charles was required to speak in Pidgin English on this interview.For more details…

Charles Osuji featured on NIDOA “Spotlight Series”

Dami Adeniyi’s Blog. October 26, 2018. The Spotlight Series, Charles Osuji shares with NIDOA Correspondent, Jenny Aik his journey as an immigrant and offers tips on how he has been able to overcome all obstacles to become a successful Nigerian in Diaspora. Dami adeniyi is a passionate media influencer who has decided to take up the task of spreading the positive news we rarely see on mainstream media.  For more details see interview…

The Ambition Project

The Ambition Project. August 15, 2018. Charles Osuji was recently part of the award-winning “the Ambition Project”, where successful and ambitious Calgary entrepreneurs were interviewed and given the opportunity to express their struggles, and what they’ve had to overcome on their journey. This video took the first position for the just concluded 2018 Calgary Professional Videographer’s Association annual film contest.  For more details see interview…

NIDOA Spotlight Series

NIDOA Spotlight Series, October 23 2018. In this first episode of the NIDOA Calgary Spotlight series, Jennifer sits down with Charles Osuji who tells his story about how he beat all odds and has achieved and exceeded expectations in a seemingly short period of time. For more details.

Employees must adhere to their employers’ policies: Charles Osuji on Air Canada employee pot pan.

Calgary Citytv News. September 28, 2018. Brittany Rosen, reporter with Citytv News, Calgary, sought Charles Osuji’s opinion on what employees can or cannot do in their personal time outside their employment. For more details.

The Impact of Mentorship on Newcomers to Canada

Global News Morning Calgary. June 10, 2018. Interview to Charles Osuji, Managing Partner at Osuji & Smith Lawyers, and mentor with the Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council.  For more details see interview…

Candid Conversation and Q & As with ITLs this Spring!

Global Lawyers of Canada.  Posted May 16, 2018   Read more…

Charles Osuji Nominated For The Prestigious Immigrant Of Distinction (Achievement Under 35) Award By Immigrant Services Calgary.

Dami Adeniyi’s Blog. Posted February 18, 2018. Read more…

From Nigeria to Calgary: Osuji & Smith Lawyers Video

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) . Posted on January 4, 2018. Video on You Tube with more than 1,000 views. Want to see more…

Nigerian-trained Lawyer Prospers in Calgary

The Lawyer’s Daily. Published by LexisNexis Canada, article written by Carolyn Gruske. Posted on December 19, 2017. Read more…

From Law Student to Partner to owing a Law Firm: Charles Osuji’s Road to Achieving His Dream

Dami Adeniyi’s Blog. Posted November 20, 2017.  Read more…

From Nigeria to Calgary – An Internationally Trained Lawyer’s Successful Journey

Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) Posted on November 15, 2017. Interview to Charles Osuji. Read more…

Business Transactions: Reducing Mitigating Legal/ Risks

NIDOA Calgary. Posted May 13, 2017. Read more…

The Three Best Employment Lawyers in Calgary, AB

The Best Employment Lawyers in Calgary, AB.  Read more…

Osuji & Smith Lawyers Rated as Best Employment Lawyers in Calgary, AB

Dami Adeniyi’s Blog. Posted June 23, 2017. Read more…


Osuji & Smith has just won the 2021 Three Best Rated for Best Rated Employment Lawyers in Calgary. This is our fifth win having won it in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020. We have also won the 2021 Three Best Rated for Best Rated Business Lawyers in Calgary for 2021. This is our third win having won it in 2019 and 2020. Osuji & Smith has also won the Three Best Rated for Best Rated Divorce, Civil Litigation and Estate Planning Lawyers in Calgary. We have also won the 2021 Top Choice Award for Business Services in Calgary and the Hope Awards, Aspen, among other awards.


Osuji & Smith Lawyers is known for its friendly team of legal professionals. We are client-focused and also driven to produce practical results for you.For years, our clients have trusted our experience and skill in solving their legal matters. Our skill is based on knowledge of the law and our ability to interpret it depending upon the facts of each case. Our dedicated team of lawyers is constantly striving to find unique resolutions for your complex issues. Our office is conveniently located in Kensington close to downtown Calgary, Alberta. For easy access, we also have free parking available for our clients.

What People Say About US


“Charles was fantastic to work with! He was very professional, made sure I knew my options and supportive to the end. He successfully handled my employment matter and I would hire Charles again if needed.”


Aniedi Davidson at Osuji & Smith made our experience of incorporating interesting, accessible and hassle free. She took the time required to help us understand the process thoroughly and was very kind and friendly. Incorporating felt like a large task to us and she made it easy! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking to incorporate their business.


Quite frankly, Osuji & Smith is the best. Charles and his team handled my Divorce process with ease. Their level of flexibility and professionalism is second to none! Would advise the general public to contact Osuji & Smith for all their legal needs.


I would like to thank Nitin Srivastava of Osuji & Smith for his help on my recent case. He was very professional and knowledgeable and helped me to make the proper decision regarding my case. I would recommend Nitin to anyone needing advice on labour and employment law.


My partner and I had a meeting with Charles today. He was very welcoming and so full of knowledge! Not only that but most importantly, honest. He helped us understand our situation and did so without us retaining him and charging us a ton of money! Such a different experience than any other lawyer I had dealt with in the city. He did not make us feel as if we were just a dollar sign and actually seemed to care. That is not common in lawyers. You’re awesome Charles and we would most definitely recommend you to anyone!


Charles Osuji has been my legal advisor for some time now. From the first day I met with him, I came to the conclusion that being brilliant and respectful has nothing to do with race or colour of skin. If you need a smart, efficient, competent, hardworking and professional lawyer, Charles Osuji embodies all these qualities. Charles is a very patient, considerate, hardworking lawyer that works 24/7 for the best interest of his client. He has been handling all my legal matters and has done an amazing job. I should note that he works with a dynamic and friendly team. I highly recommend him and his law firm, Osuji & Smith!


I had a great experience with Charles Osuji and his staff! Very professional and friendly and helpful. They are very reasonable with their hourly rates. I highly recommend Charles Osuji and Osuji & Smith to all my friends and anyone out there who is looking for professional help.


Had a great experience dealing with Charles. He looked after our best interests and finished our contract in good time. We will be using Osuji and Smith in the future.


Osuji and Smith handles all of our personal and business needs and we could not be happier with them. They are always available to answer any questions and provide sound advice. If you are looking for a great law firm, call them and they will take care of you every step of the way.


They are Excellent and I had a wonderful experience especially Mr. Charles! He is very friendly and explained us all the outcomes. And we won the case!


Charles and Colleen provided me with some legal and real estate services. They are very professional, competent and on time. Their fees are very reasonable too. I highly recommend Charles Osuji and to anyone looking for a competent and knowledgeable lawyer that can resolve your case quickly at a reasonable price. Thanks, Osuji and Smith for the excellent work!


We hired Charles to help us with Employment law. He was very knowledgeable on the matter, he worked very efficiently and he achieved a favorable result in a short period of time. He was also very reasonable priced. I highly recommend him to anyone in a need of legal advice and services.


I came to Osuji & Smith to review a commercial lease for my new business location. Charles and Alessia thoroughly reviewed my lease with me so that I understood it, and provided me specific notes about the present lease to take back to the landlord. Charles exceeded my expectations by also giving me additional tips on legal contracts on top of sharing some business advice that will be invaluable to the future of my business and my success as a new business owner. I feel the value I received from this office is why I will surely choose them again in the future.


I worked solely with Charles on an employment case that was very personal to me. From the get go he displayed nothing but the highest standard of respect, knowledge, case fact competency and actually cares about your interest & well being. Always reachable even whilst I was overseas in multiple countries. His consistency, experience, historic reference, and flawless case punctuality are very noticeable in the way he handled every single matter. I can’t thank him enough for his honest work, support, and dealings. Osuji and Smith law-firm is an amazing establishment. Thank you again, Charles.


Charles Osuji has been my legal advisor for some time. From the first day I met with Charles I came to conclusion that being brilliant and respectful has nothing to do with race or colour of skin. If you need a smart, efficient, competent, hardworking and professional lawyer, Charles embodies all these qualities. Charles is very patient, considerate, hardworking lawyer that works 24/7 for the best interest of his client. He has been handling all my legal matters and had done an amazing job. He works with a dynamic and friendly team. I highly recommend him and his law firm Osuji & Smith Lawyers.


I have used them once and all I can say is their services are top notch, didn’t have anything to complain about. Hence I will definitely recommend them to friends and family.


I had the opportunity to have Charles Osuji providing legal services for myself and I can say that he and his team dealt with my matter in a very professional way. They are very responsive and Charles worked even on a Sunday to have my issue solved as soon as possible. Reasonable priced and more than that, he offered me the most cost-efficient alternatives for my case. Highly recommend this law firm.


I hired Charles for a prenuptial agreement. He is amazing from day 1. Unlike other corporate family lawyers, Charles calls you back even after 9 pm and even on a Saturday or Sunday. You can directly talk to Charles anytime unlike other lawyers who are not so easy to talk. His prices are reasonable and he is very professional. I would highly recommend Osuji & Smith for your legal needs.


I worked with Charles and Colleen for the sale of my old home and the purchase of my new home. They were so wonderful to deal with. Very professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Osuji & Smith for your legal needs!


Charles is amazing. He handled my divorce efficiently and professional and put up with some craziness on my part. Would definitely recommend!