Working from Home: 8 Tips to Improve Productivity


Working from home has become a new trend due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of us really enjoy it, but some of us are not so enthusiastic about it. They miss the structure, small talk, and vibrancy of a usual workplace. So, they find working from home boring, and it affects their productivity widely.

We don’t know how long the pandemic is going to stay. We may have to work from home for a long time. So, we better set our minds and find a way to make our working from home more productive and refreshing.

Though there are no golden rules to do that, here’s what you can do to improve your productiveness-


Keep Your Regular Working Hour

The first rule of keeping your productivity to the fullest is to keep your regular working hour. Since you are not bound to work on a specific time, you may unknowingly allow you to be a bit more relaxed and flexible. This tendency will make you sluggish, and a lot of work will pile up before you know it. It will make you lazier and decrease your productivity on a large scale.


To break this vicious cycle, you need to fix your daily working hour. It would be better if you maintain your office hours, but if you feel it is problematic for some reason, then set a different time. But, whatever the time you fix, always try to stick to it.

Keep Your Regular Working Hour

Separate Your Personal Business from Working Hour

Another downside of working from home is that your personal time and a working hour can get entangled. This is not a good sign. It will make your work less organized. It also makes you more tired since you can’t differentiate between your leisure time and working hour. To maintain productivity, keep personal time, and work time separately.


Separate Your Working from Home Space

You need a fixed place to work. Many people get a bit lazy and think what’s the big deal of working in a different location. It may sound fancy, but I can manage without doing it. But, many of us don’t realize how important it is to keep a separate working place to keep their productivity up. Have you ever seen a writer or painter working in his/her bedroom? He/she must have a secluded place to work. Why is it so essential? Because it keeps things nice and tidy.

Exercise or Meditate

Quarantine time is indeed a stressful time. Many of our essential and social works are postponed for an extended period. Naturally, our body is missing its usual activity. So, to counter that, you need to exercise a bit now and then. And to relieve stress, you may consider meditating. You don’t have to make it mandatory. Just take some time off and do a little freehand exercise.

Exercise or Meditate

Stay Away from News

There are all sorts of news floating around the internet. It could be distracting for you. I know social media can be essential to stay connected to your friends and acquaintance. But, sometimes, taking a break could be a good idea. It could help you to keep calm and focused.



The success of working from home depends on how much you can communicate with your colleagues and employers. Don’t miss any meeting or conference, even if it’s not mandatory for you to join. It will help you to keep your work dynamic and less monotonous.


Stay Organized

Your work efficiency mostly depends on how organized you are. If you keep things messy, your spirit of work will diminish. A messy room creates an untidy mind. Take a specific time from your daily routine to organize yourself. Keep your room nice and clean.


Dress Like You are Going Office

It may sound silly, but dressing up can be really helpful to keep you well organized and productive. A dress has a significant influence on a person’s mind and body. Dressing up like you are going to the office could boost up your mental energy and make you more dedicated to work.

Dress Like You are Going Office

Final Thought

To slow down the pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Canadian government give emphasis on social distancing and staying at home. If we all co-operate and maintain the protocols, we can get rid of this horrible outbreak sooner. So, for our own sake, we need to stay at home as much as possible.


But, staying home doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t do work or business. As we live in the digital era, many of our work can be done from home. If you need consultancy or advice regarding employment law, family law, or immigration law, you can contact us anytime.