Workplace personal injury leaves Alberta woman paralyzed

People in Alberta go to work every day to earn a living, and they all expect to come home at the end of the day. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not go according to plan. Suffering a serious personal injury at work can change the course of a man or woman’s life, as is the case for a woman left paralyzed from a workplace accident.

On May 15, a 10-year employee of a Lethbridge housing company went to work as usual. While on the job, a steel frame fell from a height and struck the woman. After first going to a local hospital, she was quickly transferred to a hospital in Calgary. She suffered a broken leg, a broken neck and an injury to her spinal cord.

Currently, the woman is paralyzed from the chest down. Doctors do not expect she will walk again. Her recovery time may be lengthy, perhaps two years, beginning with at least a six-month stay in hospital. Coincidentally, Alberta Labour, the body investigating the accident, says it could take up to two years to complete their probe into the incident.

Any person hurt on the job in Alberta, has a right to speak with a lawyer to ascertain his or her rights. A personal injury can be devastating to an individual and his or her family. Though the road to compensation may be long, a dedicated lawyer will stick with a client and do all that is possible to secure as comfortable a future as may be.

Source: Global News, ““She might not walk again”: Angela Entz’s family talks recovery after workplace accident“, Elaine Van Rootselaar, June 2, 2017

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