Cyclist claims driver’s negligence caused personal injury

A Calgary parent says his quick reactions recently saved his life when the alleged actions of a negligent driver caused him to crash while he was cycling in the city. He reported the incident to police and showed them footage from a camera that was fitted to the rear of his bicycle. The man suffered serious personal injury, and police are investigating the incident.

The camera images only show the upside-down bike as it was spinning in the air, and the flying rider as he tumbled onto the roadway. However, although it does not show the alleged actions of the driver, the cyclist claims a motorist pulled onto the road directly ahead of him and then suddenly slammed on the vehicle’s brakes. According to the bicyclist, the incident occurred shortly after 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 8, and the driver of the car drove away without stopping.

The victim claims to have suffered multiple injuries. These include five or six fractures in his collarbone that required steel plates to be fitted. Further injuries include an arm fracture in the area of his elbow and road rash, and he claims his helmet was smashed. Authorities say road accidents involving bicycles rose sharply in 2015 but then decreased significantly last year.

Any victim of a bicycle accident in Calgary is entitled to pursue financial relief in a civil court. He or she can file a personal injury claim against a driver. However, establishing negligence can be a challenge, and the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer may be required.

Source:, “Video captures Calgary cyclist flying off bike after vehicle allegedly slams on brakes“, Bindu Suri, Erika Tucker, June 14, 2017

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