Do You Know the Laws Behind Layoffs and Rehiring?

Do You Know the Laws Behind Layoffs and Rehiring?

Layoffs? Rehiring? Do you know the laws behind layoffs and rehiring?

We’re discussing layoffs and rehiring. It’s been a complicated time to navigate as business owners. With constant pivoting, have you taken the time to learn about the laws behind this very complicated process?

Faisal Karmali talks to managing partner and owner of Osuji and Smith Lawyers, Charles Osuji, and lawyer at Osuji and Smith Lawyers, Amanda Ovaici about what business owners need to know during this complicated time.

This pandemic has brought on many new challenges to business owners. With constant changes due to Covid-19, it’s hard for business owners to balance between laying off your staff due to closure and having to rehire quickly when it’s time to reopen again. (with the risk of having to lay them off again…)