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Why Do You Need to Hire a Probate Lawyer

You have probably heard of probate lawyers. You may wonder what exactly these specific types of lawyers do. And most importantly, why you ever need to hire them?

Well, a probate lawyer may sound unfamiliar. But they might have much more importance in your life than you anticipate.

So, why they are so important? It’s because they are closely involved with estate administration and estate planning.

Probate lawyers are useful for estate administration, particularly when it is involved with the probate process.

But, there is no point in discussing the importance of hiring a probate lawyer if you don’t have a clear idea about probate lawyers. So, I guess an introduction is due.

hiring a probate lawyer

Probate Lawyer

A probate lawyer is a specific type of lawyer who offers legal advice to personal representatives and beneficiaries of an estate to settle down all the final affairs of a departed person. He/she is also known as an estate lawyer or estate attorney.

What Does a Probate Lawyer Do?

Probate lawyer comes in handy in the time of the probating process. Probate is the court process of settling the deceased’s estate. It looks quite simple. But those who know one or two things about probate, also know how complicated the process can be.

A probate lawyer with his/her year-long legal education and experience guides a personal representative or also known as executor through the entire process of probate.

The personal representative and beneficiaries may not go along. In that case, the probate lawyer can also give advice to the beneficiaries regarding the legal issues of the estate.

He also represents the personal representative and beneficiaries if they get a lawsuit from any third party.

Why is Probate Lawyer Important?

Let’s find out why you may need a probate lawyer or attorney-

For Estate Administration

When the owner of an estate dies, the responsibilities of the estates divide and distribution falls under probate court. This process is called administering the estate. Estate administration is involved with massive filings and deadlines. It’s not easy for ordinary people to handle in the time of grievance.

A probate lawyer makes everything smooth and straightforward for the surviving members of the estate’s owner. He is well adept at handling the estate, whether it has wills or not. The probate process can get real messy without the help of a probate lawyer.

probate lawyer for estate administration


For Estate Planning

Probate lawyers often help clients to manage estate planning. Clients with more complex estate may want to place the asset into a trust to avoid federal estate tax or some other types of tax.

Probate or estate lawyer has a vast knowledge regarding trusts and wills. He also can help you to fix the loophole of your estate plan.

Besides, who could be better than an estate lawyer for estate planning?

Probate Lawyer aids to avoid Family Conflict

When an owner estate dies, a tension arises among the surviving family members. Everyone wants a share, and mysteriously, everyone thinks that they deserve more. Everyone wants to boss around.

As the proverb goes, “too many cooks spoil the broth.” Besides, there is a chance of lawsuits against each other. Things could get out of control at any time.

Only an estate lawyer can save the estate falling from these kinds of family conflict. He handles the entire probate process professionally. He also explains why and how the distributions and whole other process going. Every party gets something to reason with. He is neutral. So that also helps.

Protect Beneficiaries from Lawsuit Claim

Probate lawyer acts as a representative to the beneficiaries and personal representatives when they get involved in a lawsuit.

They also help to nullify the possibility of lawsuits among family members.

Beneficiaries can also challenge the validity of the departed owner’s last will via a probate lawyer.

Deal with Decedent’s Debts

Debts can suck up the significant portion of the property if it is not dealt with properly. Debt claims sometimes can be an exaggeration. If you are not an expert, you may get duped.

There are also many other kinds of expenses, like income tax, personal loans, funeral expenses, etc.

The beneficiaries are usually not familiar enough with the estate’s property and paperwork. It’s wise to leave these things for probate lawyers.

probate lawyer deals with decedent's debts

How much it costs Probate in Alberta?

Probate costs vary from province to province. It also varies according to the amount of wealth. The lowest fee for probate in Alberta is $25, and the highest fee is $400. The lawyer may charge a percentage of the estate. The percentage could be up to 2. Probate lawyer Alberta usually charge on an hourly basis at the first meeting as the further deal is uncertain.


As you can see, a seemingly unfamiliar probate lawyer could come into some incredible aids. Estate administration and estate planning are very complicated. I wouldn’t recommend you to handle these matters on your own.

If you are still not convinced to hire probate lawyers, then let me add one more information about them. You don’t have to pay anything for hiring the lawyer. The estate will bear all the expenses.

If you face any problem with hiring a probate lawyer or probate related problem, please contact us. Our probate service is for the residents of Calgary and the surrounding areas of Alberta.