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Our probate service is catered to residents of Calgary and surrounding areas in the province of Alberta. The task of administering an estate after losing a loved one can be stressful and emotional for many. We ensure that you are taken care of during this emotional time. Our friendly and results-driven approach to estate administration has helped many of our clients discharge their legal obligations efficiently. From administration to execution of the estate, we are focused on you and your goals to avoid unnecessary errors. The processes need to run smoothly for an estate administrator to fulfill his/her obligations under the law. Our experience helps you organize, identify possible problems and address them fairly.

Addressing Issues of Estate Litigation

Our estate lawyers are competent and experienced in handling estate litigation cases. Our service is focused on finding cost-effective solutions for you. If you think that a will has not been drafted correctly or has inconsistencies, our lawyers can advise you about the next steps regarding a contested will. We also closely assess disputes arising out of disinheritance. We represent beneficiaries, executors and administrators, depending upon the facts of the case.

Letters Of Administration

When someone dies intestate, meaning without a will, the court grants an individual the power to administer the estate, called a Letter of Administration. If you know someone who has died without a will, we can help obtain the Letter of Administration and identify who can apply for this letter.

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