Squatter ordered to move from driveway of rental real estate

From laws concerning property to those governing employment and business matters, landlords often have a variety of legal concerns and questions. This is especially true when something goes wrong with a tenant living in rented home or apartment. An Alberta landlord recently won a court battle involving a real estate dispute with a squatter who was living in a shack on his driveway after a break-up with a former tenant.

The squatter, a 54-year-old man, was the common-law partner of the person previously renting the landlord’s five-bedroom home. He moved into the property 18 months prior after being involved in a car accident. Following the break-up, he built a wooden shack on the driveway and continued to live there. Although his ex-partner vacated the property on September 30 and the landlord had rented it to a new tenant, the squatter refused to move.

The Alberta landlord reported frustration that authorities were unable to act without a civil hearing. The judge recognized this challenge and awarded the landlord $3,000 in unpaid rent and damages to help cover his losses. The defendant in the case was not able to argue his side as he appeared in court late.

Landlords and tenants alike can learn a great deal from this trial. This case demonstrates the importance of showing up on time to court as well as the civil recourse Alberta landlords may consider in similar situations. Those with legal questions about real estate disputes, business matters, or landlord and tenant issues should contact an experienced Alberta lawyer.

Source: CBC News, “Alberta landlord wins battle to boot squatter from driveway“, Bill Graveland, Nov. 7, 2017

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