Mounties commander files employment discrimination claim

Leaving any job after many years of service will never be easy, especially if the circumstances of the termination leave a bitter taste. A former Royal Canadian Mounted Police commander of the Alberta detachment recently filed a claim against the police force, alleging discrimination linked to her gender and her mental health issues. She was in the employment of the police force for 24 years.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff was based with the RCMP near Edmonton. She claims to have been diagnosed with an addiction along with post-traumatic stress disorder in 2014. After receiving treatment in Calgary, she received graduated duties as part of a new assignment. However, she says she was then prevented from participating in any operational duties and alleges a permanent order to that effect was added to her personnel file.

The former commander says her husband is also an officer with the RCMP. She claims that, not long after removing her from operational duty, authorities transferred her husband to British Columbia. However, she claims to have had to accept a condition not to seek employment with the RCMP in British Columbia. This left her with no other choice but to resign from a job that she had done for almost a quarter of a century.

The plaintiff accuses the police force of treating her husband’s employment as superior to hers. She seeks over 0,000 in damages for constructive dismissal and discrimination. This includes notice pay along with bad faith misconduct. Other Alberta residents who find themselves in similar circumstances are free to consult with experienced employment law attorneys who can explain the complexities of such cases and advocate for them throughout legal proceedings.

Source:, “Former Alberta RCMP officer sues for constructive dismissal, discrimination“, July 27, 2017

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