6 Child Custody Negotiation Tips to Win Your Case

There is no bitter experience than fighting for child custody. It’s a complicated and strenuous process too. The biggest problem in a child custody case is that both parties often fail to come into an agreement.  A lack of proper negotiation can lead to more complications, more hard feelings, and more financial strain.

But, the real problem arises in a child custody case when there is a claim or evidence of substance abuse. If your partner showed violent behavior or have a history of alcoholism, then you may want your children to be out of his/her influence.

Whatever the case is, some useful mediation tips can help you to win a child custody battle. So without further ado, let’s have a discussion about these child custody negotiation tips.

child custody negotiation tips

Keep Your Emotions in Check 

These are some of the few cases where I have to tell you that keep your emotions in check. I know it’s hard in a time like this, but you have to think about the bigger picture. It’s your children’s future we are talking about. If you lose your cool just once, they may have to bear the consequences.

Even in the most amicable divorce, there are some unpleasant feelings or anger toward your partner, and you may want to express it. But child custody negotiation is not the time to discuss your own issues.

Don’t harbor any resentment toward your ex-spouse. There might be some areas where he/she can handle better than you regarding your children. Don’t let your ego to deny those facts. Admit those facts candidly. It may make your ex more supportive.


Listen to Your Kids

Your children have definitely some views on your separation. They went through some severe mental trauma during and after the divorce process. They may feel angry or frustrated over the whole situation. Let them talk about the divorce- what they feel, what they think, and what they need.

The statistics show that after divorce, children have become more prone to violence. So you have to talk to them openly and patiently. That might help them to recuperate the trauma after divorce.

A Good Parent Isn’t Necessarily a Good Spouse

This is one of the most crucial parts, but most of us don’t pay much attention. You may find your partner is not a charming person, or he/she may not give the proper love and care to you. Or he/she may have extra-marital relations. But, that doesn’t necessarily make him/her a bad parent. On the contrary, your ex could be in excellent terms with your children.

So, don’t come to a conclusion about your ex based on the relationship with you. Instead, pay attention to your children’s opinions about him/her.

Think Twice About Single Parenting

If your partner beat you or your children or threatens you, then you may want to think about solo parenting. Other than that, I don’t think solo parenting is a good idea, even if you have the chance to win the case.

A child needs both of his/her parents to raise. Lack of one could be very harmful to his/her growing up. So even if your partner has some issues that you think wrong, try to resolve those in other ways. Give his/her chance to raise the kids.

Be Punctual in Every Way

To win a child custody case, you should be punctual in every way. You have to be attentive about the court order, parenting time, and other essential things. If the court finds your irregularity, then the case could be out of your hand.

If you have drinking habits, try to give it up as soon as possible. The opposite party could show it to the court in a very negative way. Regularity increases your winning chances big time.

be punctual in child custody case

Don’t lie in Child Custody Case

I don’t disagree that there are times when you have to exaggerate your case a bit to make it strong.  But don’t do it to this type of case. Don’t fabricate any story just to win the judge’s sympathy. The whole thing could backfire if the judge finds any discrepancies in your case.

Simply be honest. You might be afraid that it would make your case weak. Actually, if you deal with the whole case straightforwardly, your chance of winning the case will increase.


As far as children are involved, parents should take proper responsibility. They should bury their bitterness for the sake of children and decide what’s best for their future. A child needs both of his/her father and mother to grow up happily. So the parents should arrange things in a way that their child could get the best possible support from both of them.

So, if you want to know the tips just to win the case, you come to the wrong place. Instead, we discussed how you make a better child custody negotiation. Read our previous article if you want to know who have a better chance of getting child custody and why. Contact us to get the best child custody lawyer in Alberta.