What determines the amount and length of support payment in Alberta?

What determines the amount and length of support payment in Alberta?

Determining the amount and length of support payments in Alberta, specifically spousal and child support, involves a complex process governed by various legal guidelines and individual circumstances. In Alberta, the legal framework for support payments is primarily guided by the federal Divorce Act, for married couples, and the Family Law Act, for unmarried couples, as well as the Child Support Guidelines.

Spousal Support In Alberta

1. Factors Influencing Amount and Duration:

  • Income and Financial Means: The primary consideration is the respective incomes and financial means of both parties. The higher the income disparity, the more likely and significant the spousal support.
  • Length of the Relationship: Longer relationships typically lead to longer periods of support, as they often involve more significant financial interdependence.
  • Roles During the Relationship: Consideration is given to whether one party sacrificed career advancement for the relationship or for raising children.
  • Economic Impact of the Breakup: This includes the financial hardships faced by the lower-income spouse post-separation.
  • Age and Health: Older or health-compromised individuals may receive more support due to reduced earning capacity.

2. Calculation Guidelines:

  • The Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines provide a framework for calculating support but are not legally binding. They offer a range for both amount and duration, based on the factors mentioned above.

Child Support in Alberta

1. Determining the Amount:

  • Federal Child Support Guidelines: These guidelines are the primary tool for determining child support amounts. They consider the income of the paying parent and the number of children.
  • Special or Extraordinary Expenses: These can include costs like childcare, education, and medical expenses, which are usually shared proportionally to the parents’ incomes.

2. Duration of Child Support:

  • Age of Children: Child support is typically paid until the child is 18, though it can extend if the child is still dependent (e.g., due to higher education or health issues).
  • Shared Parenting Arrangements: The amount of time a child spends with each parent can also influence the support amount.

Legal and Mediation Processes in Alberta

  • Court Decisions: Courts in Alberta have the final say in support matters. They consider the guidelines but also the unique circumstances of each case.
  • Mediation and Negotiation: Many couples opt for mediation to reach a mutually agreeable support arrangement, which can then be formalized legally.

Adjustments and Enforcement

  • Adjustments Over Time: Support payments can be adjusted due to changes in financial circumstances, such as income changes, remarriage, or changes in child custody arrangements.
  • Enforcement: The Maintenance Enforcement Program (MEP) in Alberta helps ensure that support payments are made as required.

The determination of support payments in Alberta is a nuanced process, taking into account a multitude of factors. It’s important for individuals undergoing separation or divorce to consult legal professionals to understand their rights and obligations fully. Additionally, ongoing communication and negotiation can be key in managing changes in circumstances that might affect support payments.