“I worked with Charles on a case I was wrongly sued. It was a difficult moment for me and my family. He took his time to listen to me as a professional and a friend, gave me legal advice that made huge impact and he successfully had the case against me discontinued with the opposing counsel. My family and I don’t have to worry about this anymore. I will recommend him.”

D. Lenstra:

“Charles is very kind, professional, knowledgeable and personable! I was extremely impressed with him. He helped me with an employment issue and was thorough and caring throughout. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with employment law. I feel he truly had my best interests at heart.”

U. Ukpong:

“I worked with Charles on an Employment case in 2015 and had a very positive experience then. His professionalism was unmatched. Hence, I had to work with him again on a Family Dispute. He began working with me on this case in 2016 and the result came out positively a few days ago. Charles is no longer a Lawyer to me, he is a friend. Congratulations on having your name on the door, and ultimately buying out the firm; it speaks loudly to the dedication of your craft. Thank you once again!”

C. Williams:

“I hired Charles Osuji after making very little progress with my previous lawyer. Charles immediately took care of some things that relieved quite a bit of stress for me. While dealing with the rest of my file he was always prompt and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend using Charles and his firm, Osuji & Smith.”

Gabriel O:

“Charles is highly recommended any day, any time! He is an excellent and very friendly lawyer. I give his firm 7 stars!”

Blessy O:

“In my opinion, Osuji & Smith is the best law firm in the city of Calgary! I have been doing business with them for the past 3 years, with Charles working on my files. They are men of honour, Honesty and integrity. I recommend this firm for anybody who is looking for a trustworthy law firm.”

Elvis M:

“I came to Osuji & Smith with a legal problem and they helped me and made me feel calm and taken care of. Their services are affordable and they really know what they are doing. I would highly recommend them!”

Christiana U:

“I went through the reviews before I hired Charles Osuji as my lawyer and he never disappointed me! I spoke with a couple of other lawyers and they told me what they would need to do, but Charles made all this very easy. At first I was like does he really know what he is doing, but he proved me wrong! I had a wow experience. Keep up the good work, Charles, and thank you.”

A. Heer:

“I highly recommend Charles Osuji for all your legal matters. He gives 110% in everything he does. He is never too busy to answer any of my questions or concerns. This man goes above and beyond; acts professionally and with compassion, qualities that are hard to find in a lawyer these days. If you need any legal advice; this is the man to call!”

Jaime F:

“My gratitude and sincerity goes to this law firm. I want to give thanks to God and to you, Charles Osuji and Justin Kwon for standing by me in this when I needed a hand during a very difficult time of my life. Thank you for being so kind and generous as well.
I couldn’t do this without God and you guys’ help; my whole family is happy for the positive outcome that my family case had in court. You both encouraged me to be patient, even when i was losing control of my emotion you guys made it so clear for me so that my case become successful.
Charles Osuji, behind a young face, you are an amazing lawyer, dedicated, taking care of every small details, very assertive, and solid when you need to be. God has given you the power and the love for what you do, and you do it great. you’re on the way up to be one of the best family lawyers in the city of CALGARY. GOD BLESS YOU!
Justin Kwon, you as well, keep doing what you are doing along with Charles Osuji, you’re doing amazing job in your career, my gratitude goes out to you too, working hard in my case and taking care of me.
Because of you both, I’m now able to see my kids, I’m now able to share time with them, and because of you guys I’m now able to be happy again, and because of you guys working extremely hard on my case, my kids will be staying in Calgary.
Gracias amigos de osuji y smith lawyers, gracias por su dedicacion en mi caso familiar, ustedes han devuelto la alegria ami corazon y ami familia, gracias por estar hay paso a paso en mi caso de familia, dandome animo y dandome consejos cuando me encontre en desesperacion.
I totally recommend this law firm for your family case, Les recomiendo esta firma de abogados para su caso de familia.
Gracias / Thank you.”

C. Reilly:

“Aniedi skillfully handled my file, which involved a complicated international legal matter, with efficiency and cost effectiveness. I appreciate the way she was able to quickly develop a plan to resolve my legal issues effectively. Thanks, Aniedi, for helping us out. We appreciate your compassion and drive to succeed. You and your firm are highly recommended and appreciated”.

Diane F:

I would recommend Osuji & Smith Lawyers to anyone looking for a lawyer. Charles Osuji was the only lawyer who made time for me when I was looking for a divorce lawyer. Charles and his staff were very friendly and helpful during a very stressful time in my life.

Venkat S:

This firm adopts a very professional approach in dealing with paperwork. On our first meeting, Aniedi took her time and patiently explained the paperwork in a very detailed manner. This really helped us understand the home buying process.

J. O:

Excellent client care! I would recommend Charles at Osuji & Smith for all your family law matters. We had to deal with a very difficult firm and Charles represented me with the utmost professionalism and frankness. He was able to help me remain calm and think strategically when the situation was at its highest stress point. Thanks, Charles, for being on my side through this difficult time!

Meron & Alexander:

We were referred to Charles at Osuji & Smith by a friend who knew Charles very well. Charles and his assistant, Colleen Hustad, were highly professional in getting our home purchase finalized in a manner that was both timely and professional. Charles was super helpful with his expert negotiation skills! Thank you for your help and kindness, Charles. We are very happy with the service we received from your firm and we gladly recommend the services of Osuji & Smith to anyone seeking legal help.

B. Gow:

“Charles and Jim at Osuji and Smith Lawyers have handled my file with the highest in professionalism. They know the law, and they also ensure that the personal side of things is covered as most family law matters are both emotional and legal. I have had a very positive experience with them and their firm. I do recommend them without hesitation. They work hard and get things done, and I would not hesitate to refer people to them for their legal services”.

T. Hartman:

“I first retained Smith Law Office (now Osuji & Smith) in 2012 when I was referred by a colleague to Mr. Jim Smith. My initial impression was a welcoming office and staff and I found the advice and counsel offered by Mr. Smith to be professional, compassionate and understanding. In 2014, I found myself again in a situation requiring legal advice and it was this initial experience in 2012 that made Osuji & Smith my first choice. This time a young Mr. Charles Osuji was to be my counsel. WORKING WITH CHARLES IS ONE OF THE BEST DECISIONS I HAVE EVER MADE!! Underneath his youthful appearance and contagious smile lies a determined lawyer with a big heart and a brilliant understanding of the law and the legal process. His thoroughness and professionalism from the very start gave us a solid foundation when the situation unfortunately exploded. Charles did not waiver and has always given me the impression of being completely prepared and confident.

Charles is the lead lawyer on my file with Jim assisting when needed. There are also some efficient and friendly students who support Charles and Jim, with special mention going to Nitin Srivastava and, of course, the hardworking Legal Assistants led by the ever cheerful Ivania Parada round out our team. Each time I go through personal attacks and emotional reactions, Charles and the team at Osuji & Smith are right there with simple facts, the law and a clear plan. This is incredibly calming and empowering, 2 things you do not think you will feel when caught in a legal battle. I completely respect and defer to Charles’ knowledge of the law and legal etiquette. He knows when to be patient and also when to be aggressive. Though my file continues, we have already been victorious 3 times in court including an Appeal!

I happily and enthusiastically refer friends to Charles and the team at Osuji & Smith. For those whose situations have unfortunately progressed passed counsel and advice, I am happy to report they too have experienced success. I had no idea how drawn out and difficult a legal situation could be and if you find yourself needing any type of legal advice, I highly recommend and have 100% faith in the Osuji & Smith team.”

H. Panameno:

“I have worked with several lawyers in my life both in business ventures and personal life details. Charles Osuji at Osuji & Smith (formerly Smith Law Office) has exceeded all expectations. His attention to detail and his in depth knowledge of the law regarding a diverse field of study make him a wise and sensitive Lawyer unlike any other lawyer that I have worked with in the past. If you want to work with a human being who makes you feel like you are their main priority, Charles Osuji is highly recommended. He is re-inventing service in the field of law and I, without hesitation, recommend him and his firm to anyone who is looking for a reputable law firm for their legal issues”

Bulwark Homes:

“Charles Osuji at Osuji & Smith handled my matter with great display of professionalism and competence. This is the kind of service the community needs. I got all I wanted, from the reception through to Charles, and I am really very impressed with his work! I’d absolutely recommend this firm to anyone looking for a firm with skilled and knowledgeable lawyers.”

N. Ngenzi:

“Charles Osuji was the lawyer who handled my file from start to finish. He was the best lawyer I ever worked with. He is a very hard worker, prompt to do his work, very organized and always on time. I went to him very sad with what I was going through and he felt my pain and helped me get out of the situation. He handled my case successfully and I am proud of him being my lawyer. I am impressed with his knowledge of the law, enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile for his clients. I would strongly recommend him and his firm, Osuji & Smith Lawyers, to anyone who is looking for legal services.”


Charles and I worked together on an employment issue. I have to admit I was skeptical at first because he looked young; however, after deciding to hire him to represent me with my issue, I came to the quickest realization that he had that tenacious and calm composure that I needed for my matter. Safe to say, I was a very happy client. Also, I learnt that looking young does not mean you are not competent. Charles is very competent in his field and I see him and his reputation going places within the legal society in Alberta. I highly recommend Charles and his firm, Osuji & Smith Lawyers. Do not think twice in taking him on as your counsel in the future.


Someone introduced me to Charles Osuji of Osuji & Smith Lawyers (previously known as Smith Law Office) after a series of disappointments with my previous lawyer. Initially, I was skeptical considering my bad experiences with my previous lawyer (and Charles’ youthful looks did not help matters!). However, after he successfully handled my matter, his high level of professionalism and ability to get results quickly laid those fears to rest. Most importantly, he, once again, restored my confidence in the legal. Thank you, Charles, and keep up the good work. I do not hesitate to recommend Osuji & Smith to anyone looking for a good law firm for their matter.

Brenda Brassard:

After I had a very serious accident, I hired Charles Osuji at Osuji & Smith to assist me with my personal injury/insurance claim. Seeking Charles’ legal assistance was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He is very brilliant, efficient, capable and knowledgeable. Also, he is very professional and I trust him greatly. He has a bright future ahead of him.